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Beacon Climbing Centre

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Beacon Climbing Centre

Beacon Climbing Centre

Beacon Climbing Centre is a great venue for all weather conditions. It’s an indoor venue, so you can book your spot all year round.

This climbing centre offers various climbing adventures for everyone. Even the kids can join and climb these exciting structures.

They have rope climbing walls that are up to 17 metres high. There is also a dedicated kids climbing area so that the whole family can enjoy this adventure. The climbing centre is open seven days a week.

It’s a great alternative to your normal gym workout too. Here they believe that climbing is a natural ability that all humans have. But they make it fun and exciting.

This indoor climbing centre offers a difference. Walls are covered with large blobs and there is a race against the clock. They have 12 different climbing challenges to enjoy. Each one offers a different experience. If you are a first time climber you can learn everything you need to.

There is a café where you can enjoy refreshments between climbs. You can enjoy the CrazyClimb which is exciting and challenging. It’s great for the young ones too. There are different climbs that you can all take on one at a time. Each one offers a different challenge too.

Find out more about Beacon Climbing Centre here.

Wall climbing is always exciting. It’s the perfect activity to do with the whole family and it’s not expensive either. It will keep you busy all day long. Make a booking for a group and enjoy this great climbing centre with family and friends.

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